Newfoundland Cuisine

Our kitchens speak of history.

They say food tells you a lot about a people and a place, and we think that’s true. You need only look at our traditional favourites to see that we’re a people with centuries of perseverance under our belts. And our history has shaped a culinary history brimming with comfort foods. 

Moose Burger at The Guv'nor Pub

Moose Burger

A quarter pound burger on a toasted garlic bun. Served with your choice of potato.

Cod Tongues at The Guv'nor Pub

Cod Tongues

With scrunchions pan fried. A favorite delicacy among Newfoundlanders

Cod au Gratin ay The Guv'nor Pub

Cod au Gratin

Baked in our own special sauce with cheese. Served with a roll.

Toutons at The Guv'nor Pub


Bread dough pan fried and lightly browned. Syrup or molasses on the side.

Fish Cakes at The Guv'nor Pub

Fish Cakes

Homemade fishcakes, pan fried, serviced with your choice of potato.

Pan Fried Cod at The Guv'nor Pub

Pan Fried Cod

Lightly floured and pan fried with scrunchions, served with veggies and your choice of potato.

So sit yourself down at our table.

What we’re really saying is this: no visit to Newfoundland and Labrador would be complete without a little indulgence in our traditional foods. So go ahead and indulge! All that said, don’t say we didn’t warn you. When we Newfoundlanders start talking food, it’s a passionate affair!

Check out our menu for some of our mouth-watering dishes.